He did not vaccinate his son for chicken pox and told the nightmare that he lived


A Venezuelan mother against vaccines said that failing to vaccinate her child with chickenpox made her life change forever.

It's about a portal blogger Question Mom He told the story of his baby, who did not get the chickenpox vaccine, without thinking it would be too dangerous for the child's health. However, it was much worse than I thought.

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Anti-vaccines: the history of chicken pox

"We decided not to vaccinate our children against this particular disease. We consulted our pediatrician and confirmed that it was a personal decision, which in any case, there was not much risk," he said.

However, their children contracted the disease, but the situation worsened. The woman realized that her baby had half her face paralyzed.

"Two weeks after everything has happened, my son starts to cry, to feel uncomfortable, to want to be in the chest. When I look at him while I breastfeed him, I realize that he can not hold the breast well in his mouth.I look at him well and realize that he has half his face down, "he said.

They took him to the hospital again and found that he had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which belongs to the same virus that causes chickenpox. Once the disease is cured, this virus becomes inactive in the nerves, but if reactivated, the syndrome occurs.

The varicella vaccine greatly reduces the chances of getting the syndrome. This can lead to hearing loss in one ear because the rash affects the facial nerve near one ear.

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