He did it again: Nicholas Repetto's unfortunate statement about harassment


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December 14, 2018

The driver entered the complaint of Thelma Fardín on Juan Darthés and questioned the veracity of the abuses in the artistic medium.

Nicolás Repetto He walked through the desert, saw quicksand, and threw himself on his head. The driver returned to the controversy over cases of sexual abuse and, after denouncing Thelma Fardín about Juan Darthés, cast doubt on the veracity of these cases within the artistic field.

"We know we will have a logical answer, but there are issues that should not be interrupted because the answer is overwhelming, we should not be afraid of the question," he told the psychologist. Alicia Grossa and immediately finished: "Why so long after? Why does a person take such a wild thing as what could happen to Thelma?"

The stunning question that John Darthés made for Thelma Fardin's ex-boyfriend

The woman explained to him about the difficulty these cases entail in having the courage to bring this anguish inward and ensured that the process first requires "becoming aware of what happened to her" and then preparing to "say it"

In the middle of its presentation, Thick He said that women are victims of an "absolutely sexist" environment, where "abuse is naturalized and, much more, harassment" and, at that moment, Repeat He used as an example Florence Raggi, your wife.

Juan Darthés broke the silence: "I am dead"

"I also have an actress and I do not feel like I lived like this or had to do sexual tests to work. Or he felt harassed. There are cases and cases"He said almost questioning the veracity of some complaints.

At that moment, Milva Castellini, partner of the program, stopped him on his way: "I'll tell you something strong … Florence has been your wife for over 20 years. And possibly Florence could, at some point, protect him. Possibly, although it is tremendous"


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