Thursday , October 21 2021

He derailed a train that left from Mar del Plata towards Buenos Aires «Diario The Capital of Mar del Plata


Due to the bad conditions of the rails, a fast train that left Mar del Plata towards Buenos Aires derailed this afternoon of Monday and, in spite of the fright, no passengers were injured.

The formation had left the city at 1:15 and about 16 in the city of Dolores, the incident occurred when three carriages took off. "The train that I'm going to Mar del Plata has almost turned around, everything has changed," said Josué Chilczuk in his Twitter account.

How can you confirm THE CAPITAL, the 92 passengers on the train were not injured and at least an hour late the journey continued towards the Constitution Station. The passengers in the wagons that took off their shoes were relocated.


The incident was caused by poor road conditions in that sector. This situation will cause – not yet official confirmation – that the rail service on Tuesday will be suspended.

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