Harassment in the Senate: The accused is Juan Carlos Marino, of the UCR


The lawmaker, who is part of the Cambiemos Interblock, was charged by a federal court advisor.

December 14, 2018

A congressional aide reported harassment in the Senate. It is a woman who is a permanent plant since 2001 in the legislative palace and claims to have been harassed by the radical senator of La Pampa. Juan Carlos Marino

The complaint was filed on Wednesday 12 before the Federal Prosecutor's Office for Criminal and Correctional Law No. 4 and the Interim Secretary. The woman, surnamed G. be part of the National Convention of the Radical Civic Union.

According to the complainant's report, G claims not to have Marino "a friendship or trust, but respect for its function."


Marino is a radical historical senator. In the last week, when the case of Thelma Fardín Juan Darthés, was shown with the sign "Look how we lay" in response to the actor's phrase against actress Ugly Duckling.

"Within a month of starting to work with Marino, I started receiving whatsapp messages on my cell phone, what he was doing on his cell phone. In these messages, Senator Marino asked him "Where are you?" "Where do you live?" "I'll be there. I go around "" Prepare, I go to your house "and "He sent me videos." According to him, "I sent these kinds of messages constantly, several times a week."

In addition, G. He had a meeting where they were alone in Marino's office, where He would have gone too far.


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