Sunday , October 24 2021

"Happy birthday my love": Mica Viciconte celebrated the 40th of Fabián Cubero


Mica Viciconte and Fabian Cubero released his novel in March 2018. Since then, although they have announced that they would take things slowly, the lovebirds share each special moment and Mica He even took a very important step … and met the footballer's daughters! Now, again, both have shown in social networks their idyllic relationship, through photos of the athlete's birthday.

Cubero turned 40 and celebrated them with everything. This is evident in the images and videos he and his partner shared on Instagram. They appear Indiana, Allegra and Sienna, the daughters that the captain of Vélez had with Nicole Neuman. "So, my birthday, Peli with the chiquis," was titled in the story of the Fabian contest.

On the other hand, the former participant of Dancing He posted a photo of both and wrote, "Happy birthday, my love, enjoy it, I love you," he wrote. Hello co. In addition, he shared images of part of the night celebration with friends and family, where he also showed the cake, whose decoration was the simulation of a Velez shirt with blue and white flames. There were even ice cream sticks with number 5 on his shirt!

Remember this the speaker of the Incorrect He revealed, by whitening their relationship, that they met in August 2017, when they both attended the A Sun for the Boys event. At that time they did very well, but nothing happened. "Two months later, my friend Maypi Delgado (girlfriend of Santiago Ladino, former Vélez player) invited us to dinner, I did not want to know anything because I thought Fabian was a womanizer, and I also have a hard time exposing myself because I'm very shy first meeting and we had a lot of fun, "he explained. the blonde by in an interview for Teleshow.

And he confessed, "I've never been very young, but when I go out with someone it's because I'm willing to give it all." With Fabián we started very light, first we were friends and little by little everything was happening. with a famous person, let alone a footballer: I would not like to be labeled as a boot or that photographers chase me in. But he's teaching me to relax and enjoy. "

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