"Happy 16 months bombonazo!" Watch the album that Marley shared on the networks!


Lately the country is undergoing major political and economic crises, although some news in the entertainment world can distract and direct the attention of the viewers to the themes of entertainment. In this case, the child of Marley attracted the attention of society and Mirko He became the most spoiled child.

The king of the networks redoubled the bet and shared an album in the virtual world and, of course, the protagonist of the tender photos is nothing more and nothing less than his son. The reason for the publication is the new month of Mirko. "Happy 16 months, bomb! Mirko already has 1 year and 4 months and we went on vacation for a few days to celebrate!" He wrote the "Minute to Win" driver on Instagram.

But that was not all, the images that maestro Telefe's star rose were taken in Tulum, a paradise in Mexico, a destination chosen by the leader of the entertainment program. Also, in them you can see the blue-eyed blonde enjoying a pool day with her father and some friends her own age.

It should be remembered that the most famous duo brings them, as both will return to take the small screen with the return of "To the world". "We will be in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Seoul, Macau, Taiwan, Bangkok, Israel, Egypt, Bali, Croatia, Cancun, Dominican Republic and more! "Marley said on Twitter and Instagram.

Look at the photos of the Mirko contest


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