Hantavirus outbreak: "The health system is the one that is failing"


At the same time as the fatal victims continue to be added, hantavirus in Epuyn, the president of the Municipal Council of that city of Chubut, Jorge Caprano, today referred to the measures included in the quarantine in the area and explained that they aim, for those people who are isolated, to use chinstraps even inside their homes.

As for the general population, Caprano said Monday in a dialogue with The uncompromising that the measures point to "to relate as little as possible to each other during this timeand communicate through the media as we are using it now and deal with it. "" Basically, we also find the concrete fact that people eat, they have to do some other kind of activity that we help them do, it's to say … those of us who can go out, go and do things alone ", sum.

"That is, those of us who are not isolated (we have to) put the batteries so that people who are isolated do not feel alone," he says. "Can the population that is not isolated normally leave their homes?" He was asked alongside what Jorge Caprano insisted: "Yes, there are usually people who are going to the lake as they usually do."

Immediately after, he specifies that, according to Epuyn City Council data, there are currently "about 80, 90 people who are isolated" and 10 dead because of this hantavirus outbreak. For the inhabitants who were isolated, he indicated that the decision is made "immediately" when the doctors make their observations.

"What happens to the people who planned to spend their holidays in Epuyn?" He was later consulted and the city council chief of the city said: "We know that if you go north you are vaccinated for this and for that, ac in the south We can say vaccinate because we do not have vaccines for this type of disease, but it is an endemic disease, it is in the territory … now we live with it and we fear precautions, that is, we do not go to the spaces that these animals occupy ) are those who transmit "hantavirus".

And he added: "Ac there was an invasion of hantavirus consequence that people went to spaces that normally occupy these ratites that transmit the virus … that happened because of a social issue, that people do not have enough resources. There is a rainy season throughout our valley, where the hillside is covered by native vegetation, in the native vegetation we have cypresses that generate a very coveted fungus, people go out in search of a work entry because ac everything that is public work stopped doing and everything is stopped… then people are looking for an economical solution and the fungus was a possibility. "

"The fungus is located in a forested area and in a wooded area, those who export the virus live and from there, only one affected person left and the infected person transmitted it to other people." to fail the purely health image because it makes the relationship we have with the most complex health center that is in Esquel, does not have the right elements to do a quick analysis and that brought the possibility of transmitting people to people was not considered, "he continued.

Consulted by this means, if they already had some kind of response from the national government, Jorge Caprano said: "The answer will come through the channels that correspond to the federal system that is through the province and the province to the municipality. the social issue, are sometimes treated directly with the municipality, these are the channels. " Then I remembered that "the health system is what is failing, because in doing a survey of the structure that people flattened because it happened from the ministry to the secretary, all this makes a decrease in the hierarchy".

"In areas where there is this type of endemic, the endemic area must be very alert (but) it is not active, there must be some protocol, an order … that is not done directly by the politicians, that is what people who know we have to immediately isolate the person and the family environment and this was not done … we are all very happy to have family reunions and that was the consequence, "he concluded.


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