Hantavirus: A Chilean woman is infected and infected in Epuyén – 08/01/2019


The woman of Chilean nationality who contracted hantavirus in Epuyén is in serious condition hospitalized in a health center in Puerto Montt. This was confirmed today by the head in charge of the Epidemiology of the Lakes Region, Ministry of Health of Chile, José Antonio Vergara.

The Transandan official met with the deputy director of the Northwest Health Program Area of ​​the Ministry of Health of Chubut, Jorge Elias, in order to deepen the cooperation and articulation between the two health portfolios before the existence of this case of Chilean citizen, positive for hantavirus, with an epidemiological link to the outbreak of this disease in Epuyén, Chubut. So far they are 24 confirmed cases of the disease, six of them fatal.

Jorge Elías, deputy director of the Northwest Program Area, explained that "cooperation actions were established through the unification of criteria and concepts of applicability to contain the current health situation in both countries, depending on the knowledge shared between the health references. structures and idiosyncrasies of communities. "

On the other hand, the Chilean health portfolio reference, José Antonio Vergara, highlighted that, as the cordillera health region in Argentina, the Los Lagos region is an endemic area of ​​hantavirus disease. "Every year we have a certain volume of cases and we are monitoring the outbreak in the city of Epuyén with great attention," he said.

Regardless of the outbreak located in Epuyén, "we should not divert attention, the main risk for our communities is that we share an eco-region where the natural reservoir of the disease lives and characteristics for disease transmission, which has to do with people's exposure to the secretions of the long-tailed rodent, "said Vergara.

However, he recalled that there is an epidemiological link between the case of the Chilean patient and the cases of the city of Epuyén, which allows validating the hypothesis of person-to-person transmission of the hanta andes virus and explained: "Our patient in Chile continues hospitalized in the Hospital of High Complexity of Puerto Montt in serious conditions of health ".

In this regard, Vergara highlighted the information received on the sanitary measures adopted by the Ministry of Health of Chubut and the Contingency Committee formed in Epuyén, which consists of the selective respiratory isolation of people in close connection with hantavirus-positive patients.


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