Gutirrez won MPN detainees and his deputy denounced fraud


The governor of Neuqun, Omar Gutirrez, won the National Popular Movement of Neuquén (MPN) on Sunday before his deputy, Rolando Figueroa, who denounced maneuvers of fraud in the elections that defined that the current president will assume next year the party vote that governs province for five decades.

After a slow scrutiny, the MPN Electoral Board reported that Gutirrez's Azul list surpassed Violeta, Figueroa's Violeta by 60% to 39%. From the vicinities of Sunday's addiction, they spoke of a tight 55 to 45 that had only been reached with irregularities, although the official count was more relaxed.

"This has become a catalog of fraud and non-transparency," denounced, after seven hours, the representative of his list, Pino Russo. He talked about squeezing, trout balls and "very different, almost magical" table results. Figueroa did not speak and extended the complaint on Monday.

"The judges of the Judiciary have not seen anything and we do not know where they are," the lawyer asked about the 23 inspectors who had been appointed to control the election in large cities.

About 120,000 people participated in the polls, according to data provided by Gutirrez. "The number of votes of the citizens who have opted for the Blue list estimated approximately 74,400 citizens and the other list estimated the support of approximately 45,600 citizens, so the difference is 30,000 estimated votes," he commented before the ballot will end.

That is, he votes little less than 30% of the standard (a number similar to that of 2014, when the formula "Gutirrez – Figueroa" won with 55% over former governor Jorge Sobisch), although it is a not inconsiderable basis for next year's general elections. The inmate-eligible pattern is hardly less than that of the general ones, that is that almost 30% of the base is not small.

However, the great unknown that remains in the political environment of Neuquén is if Gutiérrez obtains unity with the sector of Figueroa, after an intern who had a moment of extreme tension. "The political project will merge into one, the colors ended up in the MPN," asked the governor in a commemorative speech marked by the attempt to calm the waters. "There are no winners or losers in the MPN," he insisted.

The problem is that the intern has reached almost a point of no return and Figueroa is pulled by sectors of Peronism that recognize him as being before the government of Mauricio Macri, in contrast to the extreme extreme that Gutirrez had with Rosada. Still, it is speculated that the deputy can analyze the possibility of leaving the historical game.

The internal MPN defines the candidate for governor of the provincial party that dominates the province for 5 decades and usually has good relationship with the president on call, except for the memory of Jorge Sobisch with Nstor Kirchner.

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