Gustavo Alfaro: "Mauricio Macri called me and spoke very well of Daniel Angelici" – 01/14/2019


Gustavo Alfaro travels his first weeks as coach of Boca, a club that "has no purgatory, is heaven or hell," as he defined in his presentation earlier this month. This Sunday, he revealed that at the beginning of this adventure he received a special call: that of Mauricio Macri.

"The other day, after my press conference, he called me, he told me about his feelings and his commitment, He spoke very well of the president of Boca, " Alfaro said about the personal dialogue with the president of the nation, on vacation in Villa La Angostura, which involved strong support for Daniel Angelici.

Alfaro also said that the former club president and current president of Argentina indicated "the general guidelines of the world of Boca that we can find suddenly." And he revealed that there is a commitment Let the conversation, about football and politics, continue face to face.

Gustavo Alfaro recalled the origins of his good relationship with Mauricio Macri, in

Gustavo Alfaro recalled the origins of his good relationship with Mauricio Macri in "En Dialogue with Longobardi." (CNN in Spanish)

"I told him:" In the same way that you talk to me about football, I would like to go to La Quinta (in Olivos) to talk about politics. And he replied that after 16 he would wait for me. I hope you give me the opportunity, "aired the technical director, with a past at Arsenal, San Lorenzo and Hurricane, in the program" In dialogue with Longobardi "(CNN in Spanish).

In addition, Alfaro recalled that his good relationship with Macri dates back to 2003

"When he started his political career, at one point we were many coaches and players. He had lost his career because he was the head of the government of the city of Buenos Aires," the coach began.

He added, "We met at a restaurant and we were talking and he explained what he wanted to do in the city, a lot of things he was doing in Boca, I was so close at some point."

The importance of Carlos Tevez

"Boca comes from a very painful situation, a very traumatic and very painful experience, in which another of the important idols ends up leaving the club, Guillermo Barros Schelotto. He said: & # 39; Carlitos, I'm here to help you win glory, but I also want your glory. I want your glory with all your companions, we need to trust you. And you have to be the standard bearer. He absolutely accepted and He told me, "Be quiet, we're on the same line." "

The admiration for Diego Maradona

"Diego is everything to us. My relationship with him is one of wonder, because We are a generation that grew up behind Diego's feat. This made us feel that we are above average. Made us dream, made us put on an equal footing. The great ones really are not the ones that make the difference to what they do, but to what they have out there, and makes it look like all blue-eyed blondes: they are all good around him. "

The praises of Marcelo Gallardo

"I have the best opinion about him, he was one of those players that has talent and it does not cost much," Marcelo told the necessary pragmatism that a coach should have. combine what is talent and pragmatism.


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