Guido Kaczka: Surprised and excited about the incredible story of two brothers – 02/28/2019


A moment of high emotional content was experienced in "Another family night", the driving program Guido Kaczka of El Trece. That's when the game called "The Jungle" was introduced. Alejandro and Mariano, who are half-brothers and met only six months ago.

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The moving story of the two participants –Alejandro from 54 and Mariano 50– It starts when they were contacted via Instagram and then they met last August. "I've only been able to locate him now," said Mariano. "As soon as we saw each other, we realized that we were brothers," Alejandro explained.

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Mariano, the youngest, was able to speak to his father, the same father as Alejandro, ten years ago, but the conversation was very brief and he could not get the man, who died in 2017, to recognize him. So, things do not have the same name as Alexander.

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"I recognized him," he said fraternally, Alejandro. In turn, Mariano, he tattooed the surname "Babaso", that of his father and brother, which he did not have on the ID. A DNA test confirmed the relationship between the two.


In "Another Family Night" there was a very exciting time because of the story of two brothers who participated.

So many things Guido Kaczka as those who accompanied him in the study were moved with this story that went through "Another night in the family."

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