Gross domestic investment fell 16.9%


O gross domestic investment registered in January a strong in every 16.9% in Comparation to the same Period of 2018, and is below 20% of GDP, according to a report by Orlando Ferreres.
About the 2019, investment represents 19.6% of GDP measured at constant prices, reaching US $ 6,266 million, according to the Center for Economic Studies (CEE).

"At the beginning of the year, investment figures continued to show the main characteristics observed in the second half of 2018," according to the consultant.
In that regard, he added that "in particular, a strong contraction can be observed in the acquisition of imported capital goods in the face of the new set of relative prices, while the purchase of commercial vehicles offered more than 40%."

In addition, he said that "in the immediate future, although the relative stability of the exchange rate observed in recent months allows us to imagine a more optimistic scenario, the uncertain political landscape continues to conspire against this dynamic, concluding on a slow recovery trajectory" .

According to the survey, investment in machinery and equipment fell 26% in January compared to the same period last year.

In particular, in the national category, a decrease of 10.2% was reported as a result of the sudden contraction in the commercialization of heavy vehicles.

On the other hand, in the import sector, the contraction was 35.9%, in line with the dynamics of the acquisition of capital goods.

Construction investment fell 7.5% year-on-year in January, accumulating five months in negative territory, according to the report.

"It is worth mentioning that during 2018 this segment accounted for a cumulative of 0.2%, but the fall in the second half was 4.3% per year," they said.

The Internal Gross Domestic Investment (IBM) combines 8 statistical series to build an indicator that allows monthly measurement of the evolution of this item and less than a month late.


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