Granja Tres Arroyos stayed with Avex for US $ 50 million


One of the most relevant data is that the company headed by Joaquín de Grazia is now consolidated as the undisputed leader of the local market in the processing and marketing of chickens.

Granja Tres Arroyos already ranked first in the ranking with a daily slaughtering capacity of more than 300,000 birds per day, but then added the operations of the Cresta Roja stream to what today represents more than 35% of the national bird slaughter. .

At the same time, Granja Tres Arroyos closed the operation at a very good price, paying US $ 50 million, because in 2011 BRF disbursed about US $ 150 million to maintain the poultry refinery that was founded by a team of Argentine entrepreneurs , among those who presented Gustavo Grobocopatel.

In turn, the company would add another deal to its scheme, as the transaction involves the transfer of Avex's production units in Llavallol and Villa Mercedes, where more than 10,000 tons of products are processed monthly, such as margarines, deodorized oils, mayonnaise, sauces and bakery products under the brands Dánica, Manty, Delicia, D & # 39; fiesta, among others.

It also logically absorbs the unit located in Río Cuarto that has a slaughtering capacity of 160,000 head of chicken per day.

Thus, BRF withdraws completely from Argentina, specifying its divestiture plan announced in the middle of this year, with which it expects to raise about 5 billion reais that will be used to reduce the company's large debt.

The Brazilian not only stands out from its Argentine assets, but also put the signal of sale in some of its factories located in Europe and Thailand.


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