Gran Turismo Sport adds seven cochazos, seven events and a new layout with the December update


Gran Turismo Sport does not need Christmas to bring content to its players, but we must admit that the news with which the pin can be a year is a joke, including the legendary Pontiac Firebird which would be the basis for the same Fantastic car.

The December update arrives today for all those who have a copy of the game, and with it more cars, more events and even a selection of websites to squeeze the limitless possibilities of photo mode in these so marked times.

And as an appetizer, here is a review of the new features included in version 1.31.

Of course, cars will be the ultimate claim. A new selection that includes seven new classic vehicles that radiate style and cutting-edge models, such as McLaren P1 GTR & # 39; 16 (Gr.X) or the Tesla Motors S Model.

Here we detail all the news:

Seven new muscle cars and supercars

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  • Signature of Tesla Motors Model S Performance & # 39; 12 (Gr.X)
  • Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 78 (N200)
  • Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Sport Coupé (C2) & # 39; 63 (N400)

A new route to the Tokyo Motorway


Along with the vehicles, with the update you can release a new path: The urban circuit of the Tokyo highway adds the southern route to the central and eastern routes. In fact, this route is composed of an inner and outer circle, integrating the route of the bullet train along the line.

Outer circle

  • Total length: 5201 m, Number of turns: 17
  • Difference in height: 24 m, Long straight: 900 m

Inner circle

  • Total length: 6560 m, Number of turns: 16
  • Difference in height: 24 m, Long straight: 900 m

Seven new rounds for the GT League


To show a new car, you need to have some credit in the game, although there is the alternative of spending money if we can not wait. And the arrival of seven new rounds to the different categories of the GT League will be the perfect excuse to put them on the road or take us with the pinch we lack.

  • League of Beginners: two new rounds for the Nissan GT-R Cup.

  • Amateur league: two new rounds for Tours on real circuits.

  • Professional League: two new rounds for the Mercedes AMG Grand Prix.

  • League of Resistance: a new round for the League of Resistance Gr. 3.

Extra news included in update

The batch of news is complemented with contents that prolong the driving experience without having to put your hands on the wheel: on the one hand, two new sets of sights to the photo mode.

The first the Peugeot power station.


And a second set called Holiday greetings, where we can take pictures with Christmas motifs, while we are surprised by the effect of the lighting achieved.


In addition, with version 1.31, the recent Barcelona-Catalonia circuit becomes part of the Experience in circuits


Finally, in love with the engine can not fail to visit Museum mode, which now adds a section of the FIA ​​itself.


Finally, remember that Gran Turismo Sport add the corresponding enhancements and corrections to each month. We do not know how you will spend space on your PS4, but of course if there were reasons to boast of garage, today there is even more.


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