Sunday , April 18 2021

Google made an application to patent virtual reality shoes

The technology company Google has filed a patent application for a "motorized footwear" to give the sensation of movement in the virtual environment.

When using the RV helmet, people always get a little scared. When they do not see what is around them, they do not know if they should walk or stay in place to not hit something. Google has found the solution to this problem. The company has filed a patent application to develop a special "motorized footwear" for "augmented or virtual reality."

In the patent application Google He gave a brief description of how that would work. "This may allow the user to walk apparently within the endless virtual environment while still remaining within a physical space defined in the physical environment," he explains. The idea is that it offers the possibility of "infinite movement".

In the documents presented at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, they present various possible shoe designs. There is the possibility that it is like a skateboard moving in place. Another is that it includes a "type of caterpillar" system. In this way, people can walk in the place and at the same time feel that they walk within the virtual reality.

Likewise, that does not mean it becomes a commercial product. The main idea of ​​the patent is the possibility of creating prototypes. Google The goal is to enhance the experience by using virtual reality helmets without colliding with the walls of the room.

Other types of solutions to this problem have already emerged. For example, a company has created a kind of virtual reality treadmill. This holds the user by the waist so that he walks in place. However, most of these proposals are very expensive.

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