Google has released its new "WhatsApp", which will work without Internet


WhatsApp and Telegram are the most used messaging applications by Android users. As Google did not want to be left behind, it will launch its own messaging system at the end of the month: chat.

Google Every day he seeks to overcome his own limits, leading everyone in the world of information technology and wondering what they will do next. This time the company from Mountain Dew, Calif., Has announced that it will launch a messaging platform similar to Whatsapp but this does not need the Internet for its operation.

The company had already begun experimenting in this environment, seeking to compete with applications such as Whatsapp or Telegram. His first model, called AlloAlthough it was initially praised for being simple and very intuitive at the time of use, it was met with its end when different security companies reported that the application did not securely protect users' personal data.

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Google launched its new

A few months after the total activation of Allo, on March 19, 2019, Google has introduced its new project. The new application that arrives to handle Whastapp on all phones that work with the Android operating system is called Chat and its distribution will begin this month.

Chat will be available in late June for users in the UK and France. By the end of the year, it is expected that the rest of the world will also have access to this new application.

Google launched its new

Although it was conceived as a direct competition with other messaging systems, such as Whatsapp and IMessage, Google has decided that this new form of communication will be located on a different level: it will function as SMS, but totally independent for the telephone companies that the company decided to avoid to facilitate the authorization process, according to Cba24n


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Following the protocol of Rich Communications Services (RCS) or Enriched Communication Services, the same ones used by SMS, Chat allow them to be sent GIFs, photos, videos, location, videos and also show when the other received and read the message.


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