Google could patent virtual reality shoes


The Internet search giant, Google, is thinking about the best way to break boundaries after submitting a request, at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, virtual reality shoes.

With this potential product, a solution could arise for those who feel the fear of hitting a wall, when they wear a virtual reality helmet and try to walk.

It has been found that the patent application filed by Google details a "motorized footwear" for "augmented or virtual reality."

In the document, they express that "this may allow the user to walk apparently within the endless virtual environment." In the meantime, it would still remain within a physical space defined in the physical environment. "

Those virtual reality shoes will serve to generate a sensation of movement, will be connected to a virtual reality device, which would allow walking without advancing. The fundamental idea is to improve the experiences in this environment, especially in games with this immersive technology.

virtual reality shoes

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Some details of the idea

In documents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office different possibilities and designs are scrambled. From traditional wheels that transform the shoes into a VR skateboard, for the possibility of including a "caterpillar type" system.

Of course, instead of wheels, those shoes would have a type of bands. The final idea is that the person has the feeling of being moving while walking. Except that these bands could not really move in physical space.

At the same time, shoes would have sensors that would interpret the movement of the feet and move the person in virtual space. O virtual reality shoes they would allow users to walk an infinite distance, even if they were in a small place.

Google proposes a design with a type of platform that would give the user a natural walking sensation. In addition, these would have in their solas omnidirectional bands so that the person can move in any direction in virtual space.

virtual reality shoes

However, despite the innovative design they propose, they will have a challenge. They should make sure that users do not fall while wearing this shoe.

It should be noted that the Google VR shoes appear in a patent, as noted above. This means that is a manufacturer's design that will not necessarily become a commercial product.

Even so, it is interesting to note that a powerful company thinks of solutions to improve virtual reality experiences. Although it is only an unconfirmed project.



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