Gmail is 15 years old and comes with news: how to use the new tools


Today is 15 years since the launch of Gmail and with this new anniversary, the news reaches the mail of Google.

According to the company in the official blog where he made this announcement, the function allows you to save people writing a billion characters a week. This tool, which is powered by artificial intelligence, favors productivity because it saves time.

The other novelty is that Smart Composition Not only will it be available in English, but it can also be used in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. And another detail is that it will add new suggestions at the time of writing: not only recommend words, but complete sentences, according to the content of the email. And even tailor the recommendations to the greeting mode that the user usually has.

Another novelty is the possibility of planning the shipment. This feature, which until now could only be used with third-party services, is now integrated with Gmail.

To use it, simply write the email and when you click "Send", a menu will appear where you can choose the option to schedule the shipment. From there you can choose day and time.

This is in addition to other recent developments, such as the ability to schedule a meeting, fill out a questionnaire, or reply to a topic in Docs from the same Gmail message and without having to leave and open another tab.

It is worth remembering that a year ago there was a complete update of this service that included the incorporation of several tools such as alerts, the possibility of viewing offline emails and also generate emails with expiration date so that, after that date, they self-destruct automatic


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