Given the crisis in the sector, some traders sell 0 km up to 40% off


2018 was a terrible year for the automotive industry, so companies decided to offer discounts of up to 40% on some cars to try to sell something and reduce stockpiling that has already led to suspensions, forced vacations and closing of some stores.

The annual drop in sales is over 40% and the stock accumulates 260,000 units that can cover sales by the middle of 2019, if accompanied by the last months.

In order to close the swings with not so red numbers and passing do not lose the awards bestowed by the manufacturers of brands, the facilities of selling cars are offering cars 0 km discounted up to 40 percent on some models.

According to the newspaper √Āmbito Financiero, in many cases they are selling at a loss to reach the desired number.

This situation occurred because the 2018 market was one million units sold, but with the jump in the dollar and the increase of up to 100% in prices, it will close by only 800 thousand.


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