Gisela Berger told the threats she received from Daniel Scioli and spoke of physical violence – 01/01/2019


One day after telling the networks that she was threatened and confirming her separation from Daniel Scioli (61), Gisela Berger He broke the silence and aired for America.

The model chose the morning news Good morning America for give details of the suffering he suffered when he was with the former governor of Buenos Aires. He did it after denouncing him strongly on Twitter on Twitter: "Daniel Scioli, says he's going to arm (for Europe) … while people are starving … LYNX: Holidays in COURCEVEL FRANCE. parents? "

"I have a terrible time, I lost my voice because of my nerves"It was the first thing he said as Antonio Laje, the driver of the shipment, greeted her. And immediately he assured her, "So far I've come, I'm no longer interested in being with a person who only makes me suffer."

Then, after remembering that "He left at the time to say that he was the happy father when he asked me for an abortion", he spoke again of threats.

"I'm no longer interested in being with a person who only makes me suffer."

"They threatened me on the trip. Since some time they are asking me for things, that I behave in such a way for the campaign. Y These are things I do not share and will not force. Then, in a moment, the thing began to get more tense, "he revealed.

"The truth is that I'm afraid, not that they told me they were going to kill me, but when they threaten me, they say things like "do not get involved anymore with the surname Scioli & # 39; ", He explained.

The tweet of Gisela Berger that triggered the scandal.

The tweet of Gisela Berger that triggered the scandal.

He added: "They threatened me with a strong and serious threat. The threats came from someone, but so was he. I was afraid to think that this would not make it public. Because he has all the power in the world, he will not believe he can do anything to anyone. "

"He's a politician and he has things to do all the time, but I will not be quiet because he has something now …" he added, alluding to his presidential candidacy for this year's election.

On the other hand, she maintained that now she began to see things that she did not like and that before, when she was in love, she did not see them. "They asked me not to talk. I'm sorry because you're the father of my baby. And it's the person I love, who I loved, "he explained.

"When I was with him pregnant, after I had the baby, we had a few moments when I told him that this relationship does not work, that we had to separate. And he would say "okay, separate you". He left me with the baby in my house. For a month he did not come back. And he told me, "I do not part, baby," he reminded her.

"The psychic violence he had with me made me feel terrible."

"He used to tell me, where are you going with a girl? This is violence, too"added. And when they specifically asked her if Scioli had hit her, she stopped for a long time.

"I can tell you that the psychic violence he had with me made me feel terrible. The only thing he did when I had the baby was to go out with me when I left the clinic. Those who spent the nights with me were my parents. It was when the baby was born and when we had to leave the clinic, "he said.

Then they asked again if he suffered physical violence. And there she was silent again. "There have been maltreatments, of course, but I will not keep talking, because I have a lot to tell. I was quiet because he silenced me all this time. Did he hit me? He had a bad treatment with me, "he said.


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