"Get me out of here, which is full of blacks," the phrase that Nicole Neumann would have said in Tucuman


January 6, 2019 – 4:39 p.m.
A local media accused the model of social networks after the alleged phrase during an event for which she was hired by an advertising campaign.

In the last hours a Tucuman media accused Nicole Neumann of racist comments, during a presentation that the model did in the Garden of the Republic promoting the launching of the tourist season of Tafí del Valle.

In its publication, Radio Continental Tucumán informs that it will inform the details on Monday, while the users call the people of Tucumán to join and "declare persona non grata" in the comments of the station.

According to what was expressed in the media, the model would have asked a bodyguard to help her out of the event, at which point she would have said, "Ah, get me out of here that is full of blacks." In addition, he would have heard several officials from the local press.

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