German scientists discover new type of blood vessel in bones


O scientists gives University of Duisburg-EssenGermany, has published an article in the scientific journal Nature Metabolism, where they explain that they discovered a network of blood vessels so far unknown.

The network is eFound inside the bones, both in animals as in humans, which makes the blood and the immune cells They spread efficiently throughout the body. According to a report from Science Alert, it is a not previously detected.

Matthias Gunzer, an immunologist, explained that he is the head of the study and that the discovery originated precisely when I was studying blood cells stained with "fluorescence" in mice. In one of the experiments, he observed them under the microscope and noted that they seemed to go through what should have been a solid bone.

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"It is really unexpected to be able to find a new and central anatomical structure that has not been described in any book in the 21st century", Said Gunzer.

In a study with human bones they found evidence of the same type of structures, even though they were thicker. Researchers acknowledge that it is necessary to more work to confirm its exact function.

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