Fuels increased 19-fold during Macri management


The Secretary of Energy of the Nation, Javier Iguacel, said that the best thing that drivers can do is to convert the car to CNG.

Critics rained and opened the game about the amount and percentages of increase in both fuels and natural gas.

The last increase registered during the management of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was on November 23, 2015 with 4.5%. On December 10, 2015, when Macri took over, the following prices for YPF were in Mendoza:

– Super: US $ 13.45

– Premium: US $ 14.76

– Diesel: US $ 12,25

– Euro: US $ 13, 47

In 3 years, the different types of fuel in Mendoza increased by almost 200%, registering prices between US $ 34 and US $ 44.

During the "Era Cambiemos" the first increase was felt on January 6, 2016 and was 6%. That year there were four increases, the others were March 7 with 6%, April 12 with the same percentage and May 1, which was the largest with 10%. At the end of the first year of management, prices increased by more than 30%:

– Super: US $ 17.65

– Premium: US $ 19,45

– Diesel: US $ 16,09

– Euro: US $ 17.76

During 2017 there were four increases and two minimum losses. On January 12, fuels increased by 8%. On April 5, by an agreement between the oil companies and the government, diesel oil fell 2.6% and gasoline, 0.1%. However, on June 30, 2017 they climbed again and the super stepped in the $ 21, since the increase was of 7%.

The next hit for the people's pocket was on Oct. 23 where the high floor had a 9% floor and a 12% ceiling. In November, YPF dropped only 1.5% of its Super and Premium gasoline, as a result of the government's decision to reduce the cost of biofuels by 29%. But in the following month it increased all its fuels by 6% and the prices were as follows:

– Super: US $ 23,42

– Premium: US $ 26.32

– Diesel: US $ 20,78

– Euro: US $ 22.99

That is, at the end of the second year of management, prices increased more than 35%.

However, 2018 was the most difficult year in terms of fuel price increases. There were 11 increases in January, February, April and, since June, each month there was an increase. In fact, only in August the naphtha increased three times in 15 days.

Currently the super is $ 38.60; o Premiun $ 43.90; gas oil $ 34.60 and euro $ 39.37. It is estimated that the fuel will end the year with a further increase, which will be around 50 cents per liter and respond to the item of taxes charged by the national government.


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