"From tomorrow we will …", Marcelo Tinelli begins his political career?


This Thursday was a gala party Dancing the pure emotion. The second night of the Tribute rhythm brought many hidden emotions, and left everyone with a strong heart beating, especially in the tribute Soledad Fandio and his team dedicated to their dream, the It Poty Mir community that represents in the contest. They have no drinking water and need to build a classroom for a very humble school, which houses 44 children.

After the impressive choreography, in the last scene, the screen opened and the protagonists of this harsh reality emerged, which made all those present and the thousands of families who from their homes could consider the inhuman conditions in which they live cry. Even, Marcelo Polino was outraged and said in the air: The water is asking, Mr. Governor, the water is asking. They are asking for a roof for a classroom. I do not know how that does not give them embarrassment.

In addition, for Marcelo Tinelli He was also super excited and the tears came. In the last few hours he showed solidarity with the original community and expressed his commitment to them in his Instagram account. "From tomorrow we will work so that the children of the Poty Mir community can have safe water, we go every day that we all have an opportunity to help someone who needs," said the driver for her more than 5 and a half million followers, sharing a picture of the hug with a school teacher who tells the air how they live and the needs of the children of their city.

Of course Marcelo He is a very influential figure and of great meditative weight, so his words could have to do with some social action that he thought to do for that zone, although for now it is a goal to be reached, that many do not doubt that he can achieve it. This is the beginning of the political career of presenter? In a recent interview, Tinelli did not close the door to the world of politics, which is often influenced, since his interest in the country is constant, and has no problem in the opinion of the government of MaurĂ­cio Macri. for the cameras or through social networks.

His fans also took a test to see how he is in the field of social aid, something he likes and is interested in, to know the different realities, some very cruel, from the interior of Argentina. where hunger and poverty become unbearable.
The comments of the image, which surpassed 76 thousand "I like" in just three hours, made clear the support and affection of the Argentineans to the famous: "What are you waiting to apply as president of Argentina, Cabezn?", Marce postulates in politics, I vote for you "," I hope one day you decide to dedicate yourself to politics, you really need people like you, Giant Sos, Marce, I love you with your soul "," You are an example Marcelo, you will have to be the representative of Argentina for the good of your heart, may God bless you always, "expressed his loyal followers.

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