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The Senate has approved a new Immunization Law that establishes free access to vaccination services with social equity for all stages of life; the mandatory application for all inhabitants; and the prevalence of public health over private interest, among other principles. The other important innovation is that the National Vaccination Calendar will be necessary for procedures such as entering and leaving the school year; conducting medical examinations for work; processing or renewal of ID, passport, residence, prenuptial certificate and driver's license; and the processing of family allowances. In addition, vaccines may only be applied in establishments authorized by the Ministry of Health.

According to Miriam Darthazu, Director of Community Health, this means that anyone who does not have the corresponding vaccination certificate must re-dose, since what is wanted is that there is a good record of the whole country where the complete scheme is shown.

"We think that there is a large percentage of the population that completes it, such as children and pregnant women, but in general, the elderly do not have this card," he said, referring to the fact that there was no such registry before, besides the possibility of having lost them throughout life, then they should start to complete the schemes.

Darthazu also said that in relation to the procedures mentioned does not mean that the grant of the passport will be denied, for example, but that, when providing it, will reinforce the obligation to complete the registration of vaccination and will contact the nearest Health Center . that the person meets the requirement in a given period. "What this law intends is to protect us," he said.

On the other hand, the law establishes fines for vaccinators who commit offenses, such as refusing to apply a vaccine, forgery of the CUV, intention to charge for placement or to do so in an unlicensed location. The sanctions, to be applied as the case may be, are a warning, well adjusted between 10 and 100 minimum wages, vital and mobile; and suspension for up to one year. The regulation replaces Law 22,909, which dates from the period of the military dictatorship, and updates the regulation to ensure new controls and gives the State the responsibility to keep the vaccination schedule up to date and to promote its effective compliance.

Tandil and scanning

As listed, the most important vaccines that everyone should have are the three doses of hepatitis B, double diphtheria and tetanus, and the viral triple for measles, rubella and mumps. In this respect, it should be noted that Argentina has one of the most complete vaccination schemes in the world, according to the director.

"Usually every four years there are campaigns especially for the latter, also a few years ago there was the so-called" Vacunate si sos sos ", so we have a large percentage of vaccinated but maybe there is a good record," explained . In fact, there was almost 100% compliance in the last crusade in November to vaccinate against measles, thanks to the intense previous work they had done visiting maternity homes and day care centers. In addition, he pointed out that vaccines are normally available and there is usually no shortage, however, they have not received any regulations at the ministerial level.

Regarding the need to reapply any of these copies for lack of registration, the community health reference has ensured that there is no risk with respect to the antibodies, although he said it would be a pity to have to relapse.

"Our city is very special because we have a digital medical history that is interconnected between the 20 health centers, the Hospital and the Vaccination Center, so anyone from here or from another city that is served can have that record, but in other places this does not happen, "he explained.

He also advised that any adult who wants to approach himself to give himself the doses that are missing can approach any of the health centers where he will receive the necessary information and the application needed to complete his schedule.

Yellow fever

As for the precautions to consider when leaving the country, many consultations are being received for the vaccine against yellow fever, as in the previous season. That is why last week they did a campaign day and, according to Darthazu, people came from all over, including from Buenos Aires, to receive the request. "This was incredible, and it's because we are one of the few counties that we both have, and each of us opens up the medical history," he said.

If someone is about to travel and wants to take the vaccine against yellow fever, he warns that he has to do so at least ten days in advance, although he has appealed not to wait until the last moment, since the demand is so great Sometimes there is no turn. "If you plan to travel in January or February, I recommend you go on the list," he invited. In addition, he said that they will likely do another day of mass vaccination campaign and will probably be in January.


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