"Friend, I'm with you" Paula Chaves showed solidarity with Geraldine Neumann!


A new complaint has shaken the entertainment world. On this occasion, the victim was Geraldine NeumannNicole's sister. She denounced a prominent character on Argentine television. He expressed that he suffered psychological abuse, labor harassment and abuse of power. The mediatization of the case provoked the action of several celebrities and one of the Paula Chaves.

The news surfaced in the virtual environment. Rodríguez Palacios shared a recipe in his Instagram account, and Jorge Otamendi, the model's husband, left a strong message. "The night is coming, the darkness you have gathered all these years, and your dislike for women is about to come out. I wish you good luck with your family, because after that I do not think they respect you and you will learn to respect your companions. With luck, you will have the social consequences that correspond to you for your abuses and constant psychological abuse of women. You already know that one day we will meet and face each other! ", Said Otamendi.

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While viewing the post, the model took a screenshot and decided to share the husband's post in her Instagram Stories. "My husband sent this message to him because he knows how much I've had and several of my colleagues while working on that morning on Channel 9. I've never told you why I try to keep my profile down in my career but psychological abuse, harassment and abuse of power have to end, I propose that no woman go through this again working with @arielrodriguezpalacios, "was the message that accompanied Jorge's post.

However, upon learning of the serious complaint, the chef was very surprised and could only say: "The truth is that I am extremely surprised because I have never behaved like this." The truth is that the denunciation is very strong and the repercussion of what happened happened a great highlight of the celebrities, one of those who could not fail to show their support to the complainant was Paula.

"Amiga @gegeneumann I am with you! I hug you strong, strong! I know how much you spent it! Time accommodates everything! We are with you," was the message of support he published on the social network of the bird. In addition the followers of the wife of Pedro Alfonso gave their opinion and some harshly questioned the declaration of the sister of Nicole.

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