Former President Carlos Menem acquitted the cover-up of the AMIA bombing


Former President Carlos Menem was acquitted on Tuesday for covering up the AMIA bombing. Instead, former judge Juan José Galeano was sentenced to six years in prison and former SIDE chief Hugo Anzorreguy to four years. Former prosecutors Eamon Mullen and Jose Barbaccia were also sentenced – both to two years in prison – and the reduction of the car Carlos Telleldín for three years and six months.

Of the 13 defendants, seven were convicted and five were acquitted. The verdict was dictated by judges Jorge Gorini, Karina Perilli and Néstor Costabel, who also caused Telleldín to return the $ 400,000 that they accused to falsely accuse Buenos Aires police officers of the attack and that, once sentences were final, analyzed. by the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation and, possibly, by the Supreme Court – those who must serve in prison must be detained.

The AMIA attack occurred on July 18, 1994 and 85 people were killed and 151 wounded. Galeano was the first judge of the case until December 2003. And in August 2005 he was dismissed from office in a political trial for his poor performance in the case.

The investigation that the judge Galeano had done was to trial and in this case, the oral court annulled the case of the irregularities detected.

The trial for the cover-up began in August 2015 and after three years and nine months of trial, the court handed down its verdict. The judges considered two of the three accusations proven.

One was the payment of $ 400,000 that SIDE made with Galeano's authorization to Telleldín – the reduction of the car stopped for having facilitated the traffic for the attack – so that it falsely involves officers of the Boeheran police. The second was Galeano's coercion to testify to the case to uphold the charge.


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