Former pianist Sandro revealed what he said about his alleged paternity – 06/01/2019


This January 4, has been 9 years since the death of Roberto Sánchez (1945-2010), the legendary, loved and remembered Sandro. However, speculation and rumors about their possible paternity are still giving something to talk about.

In fact, this Saturday, Sebastián Giunta, a former pianist of the singer, visited the program Susana Roccasalvo, Unforgiving (The Nine, at age 20), and recalled the time in which "the star", as he calls it, gave him to understand that he was a father.

"I separated from my first wife, I was working with him and I felt bad because my ex at the time did not let me see the boys and I was very sad. he told me "boy I know what it is for a child". That was all and the conversation was there, "said the pianist.

In addition, Giunta confessed that a well-known singer who lives in Miami once told him "Roberto told me and told me about Sandra.& # 39; "

"I'm pretty sure that at some point he needed to reveal it to someone within that world he created as a mystery, "he said. Sandra Bordaalso known as Sandra Jr., the supposed unrecognized daughter of the idol.

The musicians of Sandro in a tribute that was made in 2010 to the singer in the Gran Rex. (Martín Bonetto)

The musicians of Sandro in a tribute that was made in 2010 to the singer in the Gran Rex. (Martín Bonetto)

It should be noted that Olga Garaventa, Sandro's widow, always ruled out the possibility that her husband had a child. Meanwhile, in October 2016, Justice decided in her favor in the trial that Borda began to know her identity.

It is said that experts have determined that "the observed results are incompatible with the existence of a father / daughter bond"between the samples of Borda and those of the musician.

"From the cause I can speak little. Now a blood sample appeared that they saved 13 years ago and wanted to compare with that. I do not know how to take it if there was a blood sample to be exuded? Borda asked himself this Saturday.

"The only thing I believe in is the result that I have, that I called a place and they said, "You're their daughter.""added the woman who claims to be the daughter of the great Sandro da América and whose mission in this world, according to his own words, is "to remind him."


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