Ford Argentina: "Until 2019 we are cautiously optimistic"


DWithin the frame of entertainment that Ford Argentina makes to the press every year and where on this occasion the next launch that the brand will launch in 2019 with the F150 and F150 Raptor, the South Group president, Ford South America, was revealed. Gabriel López He gave a few words about what was the year 2018 and expectations for 2019.

The executive stressed that the year 2018 was an interesting year; "We start with the expectations of a probably record market. As of May we were running almost 1 million annualized units and we had a peak that we exceeded the million units and there happened what happened: unfortunately a significant macroeconomic adjustment"And he continued"The devaluation was significant with slightly more than 110% accumulated so far this year, inflation also significant and of course the automotive industry had to adjust its prices quickly to keep up with the devaluation and try to maintain at least a portion of the level of margins we had at the beginning of the year and this is key to being able to continue to keep the business running and, of course, to keep investments going forward", Sentenced Lopez.

guillermo lopez fordGabriel Lopez, president of Grupo Sur, Ford South America, gave the press the opportunity to celebrate the fact that the brand makes this sector annually

The president of the Group of the South for Latin America despite these difficulties said that the brand continued investing almost 30 million dollars in the modernization of the assembly line to continue improving the products that it offers. But it was not the only thing "We also invested more nearly 30 million dollars nationalize more than 100 components of Ranger, this to join the autoparts promotion program that the government tries to promote through the law of autopartism"

On the other hand, he added "Another thing we did was inaugurate a new repository of spare parts, we invested about 4 million dollars in a spare parts warehouse that allows to deliver the level of service that the customers of the concessionaires claim and have a percentage of conformity in the first time higher than 98.5%; let's say world-class and world-class"

Ford FactoryFord Argentina invested 30 million dollars in the modernization of its assembly line

He also commented on the effort he has been making in terms of social responsibility with the school program he has been running for more than 50 years and that started a long time ago with a group of visionary utilities and a Ford management team that wanted to help the sector. country building a number of schools across the breadth and breadth of border areas and that this program is still in place.

In relation to his vision for the next 2019, he predicted: "The truth is that we are cautiously optimistic, we think that after the second quarter the industry will begin to improve; in principle slowly beginning the first quarter perhaps with the current level at about half a million annualized and already from the second quarter improving and so on with the third and fourth. Of course there are some things that need to happen; one is that the crops are good because if there is no exchange income will complicate, this was one of the problems we had in 2018, in consueuencia these are critical for the economy to start, obviously start on the inside and that is why our focus, as always , is the Ranger", Concluded the president.


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