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For the incidents in Monumental, Conmebol announced that the party now happened by 19:15.

November 24, 2018 – 17:54
Several Boca players entered the locker room with gas. Conmebol had announced that the game would play at age 18, but then issued another statement and passed it to 1915.

Conmebol informed through an official statement that the Copa Libertadores superfinal between Rio and Boca starts at 19:15, "to fulfill the schedule" of the game, after the aggression suffered by the micro that went to campus xeneize and that caused injuries in several players, previously he had announced that the game was going to be played at 18 because of incidents that occurred out of the stadium that affected several Boca players.

Darío Benedetto, Carlos Tevez and Agustín Almendra, among others, entered the dressing room with many difficulties to breathe as a result of a presumed pepper spray that they received inside the micro during the arrival at the "Monumental" stadium.
"They threw pepper gas," Benedetto stammered, one of the most affected, as can be seen in the official broadcast while visiting the inner ring of the "Monumental". Although many indicated that the gas was tear gas and had been released by the Police.

With tears in his eyes and continuous coughing, the Boca team and the technical team led by Guillermo Barros Schelotto entered the locker room, where President Daniel Angelici also entered. At the moment, they are reviewing whether the match is suspended because of the incidents.

On the other hand, Boca general secretary Cristian Gribaudo said today that there are players of the team "cut and injured" by incidents on arrival at the "Monumental" stadium and assured that "they are not in a position to play" the rematch of the final of the Copa Libertadores.
"It was a total disaster, there are injured players, cut off.
Excuse me. Let's talk to Conmebol people because there are players who are not there to play, "he told Radio La Red.

In that scenario, promoter Adriana Bellavigna initiated an ex officio investigation into the incidents that occurred when the Boca Juniors team arrived at the Monumental stadium to play the second leg of the Copa Libertadores final.
According to judicial sources, the instructor made the decision after watching on television the incidents in which Rio fans threw stones at the bus that moved to the Boca campus while police responded with tear gas.
The same spokespersons indicated that the police did not notify the prosecutor of the situation.
Bellavigna asked for pictures of security and television cameras to be analyzed, as well as other investigative tasks.

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