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For new testimonies, Bonadio will ask for another four quotes to Cristina – 01/19/2019

Cristina Kirchner has twice declared in the case of bribes, where she is accused of being the head of an illicit association that, from 2003 to 2015, was dedicated to collecting bribes from state contractors. These were the terms on which the charge was brought against him. The case advanced in the investigation and the former president was added at least, according to judicial sources. Clarin, new facts for which Judge Claudio Bonadio will quote him soon, at least in four more opportunities

Appointed by businessmen, others accused near political power, Cristina Kirchner added accusations against her in the case in which she was held responsible for commanding a state structure for the collection of illegal funds.

In the investigation it was imputed for being part of the structure that allowed the collection of bribes concessions and transport subsidies and is also illicit maneuvers – as Bonadio determined -, which benefited companies with public works contracts.

These two new imputations are added to the responsibilities of entrepreneurs and former employees in contracts for the operation of road corridors. For this item the senator of the Citizen Unit must also respond.

So how could he know ClarinJudge Bonadio prepares new calls for investigations into investigations related to the mother's cause, known as bribes, which will be headed by Cristina Kirchner.

Fmentioned in new facts related to the illicit associationexplained the sources of the case, along with the statements made by Juan Manuel Campillo, former Secretary of the Treasury of Santa Cruz, who referred to the relationship of the former private secretaries and how they continued to respond to the Kirchners in relation to the movement of funds or operations. investigated in the case.

Therefore, the magistrate will again summon her to testify, when in a little more than a month, for the first time, the Senator will face his first public and oral trial, also accused as head of an illicit association that defrauded $ 46,000 million to the State , favoring Lázaro Báez with works in public roads in Santa Cruz.

They will not be the only investigations the former president will face in cases related to bribes. There are at least two investigations that will also require his presence in the courts of Commodore Py. The court will summon her to testify the acquisition of the record of former president Hipólito Yrigoyen, a document seized during the attacks at his residence in El Calafate and which led to a new cause that Bonadio has.

In the same way, another of the investigations that arose from the cause of the Cadernos, is focused on the use of presidential aircraft for the transfer of newspapers to Santa Cruz. According to the aforementioned file, Cristina Kirchner will also be called to investigate, judicial sources indicated. Clarin.

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