For Daniel Angelici, the bad moments arrive at the worst moment – 10/12/2018


The defeat at the Bernabeu is a blow to Daniel Angelici as head of a club like Boca, who generally does not tolerate failures of that nature. The president did not form the final team, he did not make the changes, he was not under the sticks nor went forward, but your thirst leaves you exposed. Bones of craft.

Several times confirmed his retirement of the political life of the Boca, the aspiration was to take advantage of the year of grace until the elections of December of 2019 and to anoint his successor. It will not be easy because it will cost you ribs. He took over in 2001, succeeding Mauricio Macri, was re-elected with 44% of the votes in the wider presence of members before the polls. In his mandate, Boca won three local titles, two Argentine Cups and reached two Libertadores finals. It is not little, but it is nothing when at this time they remember other numbers for him: when he arrived, Boca was undefeated champion and River was in National B.

More willingly than a leader's decision, Guillermo will end his bond at the end of the month. Palermo and Cagna, inactive, await the call. There will certainly be other coaches hoping that the cell phone rings. Can Angelici decide who will be the next coach without consulting anyone? Even if it was, I could not offer you more than a year of contract if you do not want to compromise the next administration.

In the same rope you have to locate the situation of the school. In good negotiations are agreed between the staff and lead the ups and downs. The present of the Mouth is a trembler. How to solve this question? If tempting offerings appear, there will be, there can be no refusal to sell footballers who, moreover, are those who end up imposing their will.

The question is who to bring. For what. It is like. And in the middle of a local tournament that has not yet reached half of its development and where Racing is not so far. Under what conditions does Boca think he can fight the title?

If a defeat of nature that Boca has just suffered in Madrid condemns, the role of Angelici throughout the previous process seriously eroded his image. At Monumental, after the cocks, he left to say that the game should be played. And he had to back down when the players were planted.

Intense to the anger of the fans and partners, they went to Conmebol to claim the points, knowing that it was almost impossible to win the Cup on the desktop for more pepper arguments to take to Asuncion. And he had to accept the move to Madrid. And I even went to TAS. Angelici's defeat on this plane is by a landslide.

The president's failure may even have some impact on national elections next yearalmost coinciding with those of the club. Like it or not, the macrosmo administered to Boca in recent years. Angelici, Darío Richarte, Cristian Girbaudo and Gustavo Arribas are inevitable references of the two administrations. Angelici ends badly. To what extent does Macri's responsibility for this end of the cycle in Boca? It does not matter. What matters is how far the bill goes.

Angelici directs (though time is in doubt) for Girbaudo to sit in his armchair on Brandsen Street. Without anyone saying officially, Macri would prefer Andrés Ibarra. If so, would a man of his government sacrifice himself to "reduce" him to be president of Boca? However, Angelici's voice no longer snores so loudly.


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