Sunday , October 24 2021

Follow the conundrum of the $ 1,500 million US lottery winner. who does not complain


UNITED STATES, Simpsonville.- On October 23, in the town of Simpsonville, in the state of South Carolina, a person wins the lottery jackpot Mega Millions, which at the time amounted to 1,500 million dollars. However, he did not claim.

The winner has 180 days to receive his prize, in April this year the deadline expires. No one understands why he did not do it. "It's very unusual," said the lottery spokeswoman in the state of South Carolina. "Especially when dealing with such a large amount of money," he added.

There are states whose laws do not allow the winner to remain anonymous; however, it is not the case in South Carolina where a person can claim their money without his name being made public. That is why doubts grow, because whoever wins may have already claimed in secret.

Perhaps the person does not want to add to the long list of misfortunes that accompany many lottery winners. However, it will not be normal for someone to miss an opportunity. Others assume that they are certainly consulting lawyers, to know what to do when they claim their prize.

The ticket was sold at a small supermarket in the area. If no one claims it, the money will be distributed among the 44 lotteries in the states that participate in the Mega Millions lottery, and each will decide what to use.

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