Sunday , October 24 2021

Florinda Meza discovered a hidden poem by Roberto Gómez Bolaños


Florinda Meza, famous for her character as Dona Florinda in El Chavo del 8, recalled her late husband, the well-known comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

The actress he uploaded a video to your channel on YouTube to greet his followers at Christmas. He did this characterized as Chimoltrufia, one of the many characters created by Chespirito.

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In the recording, the Mexican interpreted Listen, listen, Jesus is looking for friends, a theme that was popularized in the acclaimed series created in 1971. But undoubtedly the most exciting moment of his message to his fans for the holidays was when read -with tears- a poem hitherto unknown, which Bolaños wrote.

"We are going to the garden of the dream because of the happy paths of the beautiful birth that we put on the table.We go to the garden of the dream, beyond the spheres that hang from the tree like clusters of stars.We will dream of snowflakes of the color of innocence It is the color of peace and the color of purity. It's Christmas that returns, the white and eternal night"It says the beginning of the poem.

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In a few days, the video, which ends with Meza looking tenderly at a photo of Chespirito, has more than 22 thousand reproductions and quickly became a trend on YouTube. Since 2015, the actress has created her channel to make people laugh or send messages to their millions of followers around the world.


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