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Flor Vigna spoke about the serious conflict she had this year with Laurita Fernández and Nico Cabré – 12/21/2018


One of the great scandals this year is what was generated between Flor Vigna and Laurita Fernández. It was because of the image of a hot scene from "My brother is a clone" (The Thirteen) between Flor and Nicolás Cabré, which she climbed into nets causing the indignation of Lauritapair of Nico. Today, in "The Experts of the Show" (El Trece) Flower vigna He spoke, unfiltered, about what he lived in 2018 with Cabré and Laurita: "They made me a quilombo, I survived and even grew stronger", he stated, among other things.

Nico Cabré and Flor Vigna, in

Nico Cabré and Flor Vigna, in "My brother is a clone" (El Trece).

After the scandal of the photo, Vigna and Laurita They tried not to cross. But recently, Marcelo Tinelli got Vigna to go to the program to accompany Maria Del Cerro and Facu Mazzei. And also, last night, at the end of "Dancing 2018"in"ShowMatch"(El Trece), Laurita and Flor were seen again because Laurita I was on the jury and Flower had to go to the program to deliver the cup to the winners of the competition, as champion of the previous edition.

In the air, everything went well. But after the broadcast, Martin Salwe Flower vigna in a note to "The experts of the show" and asked about the matter without anesthesia. Flower, for its part, replied without filter.

When Salwe told her that, finally, she could not help but run into Laurita, the protagonist of "My brother is a clone" replied: "No, but okay, I do not have a thought of" Che, I go or I will not? "to Laura.

Stock Images Nico Cabré, Vigna flower.

Stock Images Nico Cabré, Vigna flower.

"I have to focus on my lab," he continued. Flower vigna-. If you lose energy in people who do not think the same way you do or want to stop you, it's a waste of energy. "

"I know you: the subject is already tired of you," Salwe said. "But … what do you think?!", He reacted Flower vigna-. And pointing to the makeup, she added, "You want me to take it off, I can see all the dark circles I collected because I had to answer questions that I did not feel like answering."

Stock Images Flor Vigna and Laurita Fernandez, Enemies 2018.

Stock Images Flor Vigna and Laurita Fernandez, Enemies 2018.

When they asked him how his relationship with Nicolás Cabré, Flower vigna He replied: "Super professional, the truth is that I am very grateful to Pol-Ka because they gave me a job, I have been studying for eleven years and fortunately the character is cool and people have followed him a lot."

"Has the work routine changed as a partner?" The notero wanted to know. "Yes," he admitted. Vigna-. I did not like your attitude as a man. I do not know who's lying. If Lau … or I do not know … All I want is to do my job. Fortunately, the whole cast knows the truth. "

Stock Image Vigna flower and NIco Cabré, in

Stock Image Flor Vigna and NIco Cabré, in "My brother is a clone" (El Trece).

"Then everything was bad …", interpreted the chronicler. Y Flower vigna He contradicted: "No, because I do not care, because, fortunately, all my colleagues are on my side, the cast is perfect, the audience wants the character, not that I abandoned the role." Ah, now I'm going to download everything … but no.and they made quilombo, I survived and even became stronger. So nothing happens. "Very difficult!

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