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Flor Peña burned Sunday morning with a very high photo

From the bed and completely disheveled, Flor Peña He shared a super sensual image. His followers did not stop praising her. Look!

From her personal account at Instagram, where she has a total of 3.3 million followers, Florencia Peña took advantage of the first minutes of Sunday to show her disheveled hair and her washed face.

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The actress has an extensive work schedule. From Monday he will add the recording of the programs of the "Dancing for a Dream"Where will be the jury of reality. There it is seen from above and exhibiting a lot of skin.

Quickly his followers and enemies began to comment and quarrel about the "need" to show themselves this way.

"Who needs a costume, if the fact of being someone already scares someone." Good morning, "said Flor Pena.

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The first comment anticipated what the confrontation would be: "The" ladies "will leave the pulpit to say: what will the" compañeritos "of their children say at school?" They live in the Paleolithic. " One of the detractors quickly responded, "It's not about being from the caves, just a little bit of consistency, just look at those who can not be prepared for their mother's strong criticism."

Flor Peña catches fire on Sunday with her morning photo

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