Five years after Ricardo Fort's death, Gustavo Martínez's painful message: "Felipe cries, misses you"


Extravagant, he had his musical, his reality show, he produced plays and he was even a member of the jury of the Dancing for a dream. Fort did not fear the challenges and did everything to fulfill his dream of being famous, but also to be recognized as an artist.

The truth is that your best friend Gustavo Martinez, left some words on the social networks five years after Ricardo's death. From that day, Martinez is the tutor of the two teenage sons of the businessman.

"A 25 like today we can not understand that you are not and the most difficult of all is how it affects your children." Yesterday Felipe saw on his cell phone a photo where you are with your children and I hear that he is crying because he feels missing you !! I hugged him, held him and also had tears. "And he immediately received the support of many of the nearly 30,000 followers he has on Twitter.

Minutes later, he returned to using Twitter to share a video tribute to the chocolatier, in which he sings "I lost a heart" and you see his images of his time on television in his last years of life.

(Video Credit: Youtube)


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