Finally below has an exit date and is next week


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<p class=Finally and after being announced more than 5 years ago, Capybara Games revealed that its new Below It has completed its development and will be available on Xbox One and PC before the end of the year.

It will be December 14 when I get to Xbox One and PC on Steam. This title is one of the most awaited by fans of Capivara, who in the past delivered great jewels as they were Sword & Sworcery and Super Time Force. Below is a video game of the genre Dungeon Crawler we saw announced at the Xbox conference at E3 2013 as part of the exclusive titles and has since suffered several delays, even indefinitely.

It was at the GDC this year that we learned about the game again with promises from its creators to leave this 2018 and it will be. Despite having an indie gaming cut, it is hoped that thanks to Xbox support it will become a phenomenon again that the whole industry is talking about.

We've shared a video below to learn more about it and we'll soon have the review.

Source: Polygon


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