Fewer cars will pay domestic taxes in 2019


The readjustment of the tax base from which automobiles and motorcycles pay domestic taxes would, from next year, fewer units are hit by the pledge.

Today they pay a Rate of 20% the cars manufacturers sell to their dealership network for more than $ 900,000, but that's in the final price for the consumer round the US $ 1,250,000 (about US $ 32,000)

Due to the changes established by the Government in the 2019 Budget, as of January 1, the calculation basis of the Internal Tax on cars will be adjusted in relation to the variation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) quarterly., in accordance with Articles 88 and 89.

The industry estimate is that with an inflation of 45% the cars pay 0 km of more than US $ 1,800,000. In the latest INDEC survey, accumulated inflation up to November was 43.9%.

This evaluation, originally, It was implemented in 2018 for luxury cars. But this year, with the devaluation, has been reaching more and more vehicles. Is that the tax base is established in pesos but this year, with abrupt changes in the price of the US currency, was distorted.

Two models manufactured in Argentina, the Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer and the Toyota SW4 They have entered the list of units that pay the tax after the devaluation.

So this year, some brands made the decision not to increase the 0 km that were very close to paying the tax. The rate is 20% on the value of the vehicle, but may represent a price increase of up to 25%.

The tax also affects motorcycles. At the beginning of December, the Automobile Manufacturers' Chamber (Cafam) reported that in November 31,046 units were patented, with a decrease of 53.6% in relation to the same month of 2017.

"It is very important for the sector to achieve, together with the Executive Branch, an update of the internal tax for 2019. Given the devaluation, the segments of motorcycles between 300 and 500 cubic centimeters, which before they did not pay, now they do it as if they were luxury motorcycles"explained Lino Stefanuto, president of Cafam.

"We are optimistic and we are confident that the government will adjust the tax base from next year to be able to reactivate the production of motorcycles, especially the mid-range that was the most affected, "added Stefanuto.


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