Fernando Burlando's strong statement: "It's easy to stay with the woman because …"


The Medal case of Thelma Fardin against Juan Darths has caused a stir in the media, so much so that some have taken a leading position and in dealing with the issue, there are strong debates that end in discussions with different positions. Despite the division of opinions, the truth is that there is no judicial resolution that dictates the situation of the protagonist of Ugly Duckling.

After the controversy, Fernando Burlando, the famous lawyer who had mentioned that he did not defend the actor, reappeared in the media with a strong message "Today I believe Darths", were the words used by Burlando in answering the questions of the journalists and of that At the moment, he was in favor of his customer, since he changed his decision and decided to defend the artist.

When their decision was made public, the media wanted to take their word and recently spoke by telephone with "We in the Morning" and commented on their statements: they support the actor and comment on the words of Alfredo Casero, who was on Monday in LAM and said to believe the words of the accused. I will not send a daughter to Nicaragua, Casero said.

Burlando referred to the question and said: I share what Casero says that a father with a minor has to be present, no one can be calm sending a child to a distant country where we do not even know if there is democracy. Let's start with the basis that he is working and is a minor, said the lawyer.
He later went on to journalism and said that they do a "lynching meditation" and then added: "He had to be exiled from the country where he lives, he can no longer work, it is a civil death, he was murdered by means, even without seeing a single proof of what was said, I think Casero refers to this, to the fire of the media that has a legal effect.

To close the tense interview, Fernando acknowledged that everything happened is "a parody" and issued a lapidary comment that generated the repudiation of the program's panelists: It is easy to put next to the woman's speech, because it is what garpa, is what sells , concluded Burlando.


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