Fernando Burlando spoke about the gift of Juan Darthés


The lawyer provided details of the last conversation he had with Juan Darthés, this is in Brazil after the complaint of Thelma Fardín.

Fernando Burlando revealed in the last hours that he had a conversation with his client, Juan Darthés, who is currently on Brazilian soil after being charged criminally for rape by actress Thelma Fardín.

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The lawyer who confirmed that his representative would return to Argentina to attend the conciliation hearing with Anita Coacci, another of his claimants, said the man "is in a crisis and reluctance."

That's why Burlando gave him an ultimatum: "I put my chest and my back to Juan and would not admit that he does not do the same." So I said, "Do you want me to defend you?" defend yourself and do not let your arms fall. It was a message to elevate your spirits, not to anything else. "

"He is reluctant to live, his life today is a crisis, his family is a revolution and his state of mind has very deep ascenders and descendants. This whole situation of exile has been unbalanced," added the professional as published radiomitre.

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"From the day Juan fell into this last problem, it seems to me that I have been able to distort the thinking of many people, and I have done so from analysis, respect and prudence. I would say that we have the prudence not to express opinions until Justice "Today, the investigations give the situation, as it is not as Thelma said, but there is another truth," added the lawyer in the interview and also said: "Justice is very important, but the one that generated the exile and the exile of Juan Darthés was the public opinion, and the exile is worse than being dead and separated, it does not have any kind of perspective of work, it seems that all the calamities of the artistic world were only those of Juan Darthés, "he concluded.


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