Fernando Burlando responded to Dolores Fonzi and threatened to bring her to justice


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January 12, 2019

Juan Darthés's lawyer reacted to the vigorous tweet the actress wrote against him and did not rule out lawsuits.

After the controversial testimony of Carla Lescano, the sister of Thema Fardín, who questioned the prosecution's accusation against Juan Darthes for rape, Dolores Fonzi used her Twitter account to shoot, in hard terms, against a "Lawyer of doubtful trajectory" What are you trying? "It stains the courage of a whistleblower of the victim."

Now, Fernando Burlando, although in the tweet of the member of the Collective Actrices Argentinas does not mention him by name, he took the attack and attackedin hard legal terms against Fonzi, whom he promised to bring to justice to render accounts of his sayings there.

"Intimate within 24 hours proceed to the immediate blocking of false and contumelous to my honor as I fail." Maria Belen Rodriguez. Under penalty of initiating criminal and civil actions for damages. You're Left Notified, " wrote the defense lawyer of Juan Darthés in his Twitter account.

It all started when actress who belongs to the collective Actresses Argentinas will explode with anger when he learns that Lescano's statements will be incorporated by the lawyer into the motive of alleged violation that is being investigated in Nicaragua and that has Juan Darthes in the center of the accusations.

Once this situation was known, in a kind of twittery catharsis, Fonzi sent himself against Burlando, being careful not to write his name or surname of the lawyer.

"Doubtful lawyer, obscure past and nefarious present defending a rapist, try everything to tarnish the courage of a victim who complains, it is his dirty work. Wow, neither forgetting nor forgiving. #newmosaparar # look how we look "was what the actress put on their social networks.

Thelma Fardín's sister stated that "Darthés did not rape her"


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