Fernando Burlando intimated Dolores Fonzi and threat to bring her to justice – 11/01/2019


Dolores Fonzi was dispatched with everything in a tweet where, without naming it, clearly refers to the lawyer Fernando Burlandodefender of Juan Darthés in the cause Thelma Fardin She was initiated in Nicaragua for alleged rape, during an "Ugly Duckling" tour, when she was a minor.

Stock Image Thelma Fardin. (Photo: Ariel Grinberg)

Stock Image Thelma Fardin. (Photo: Ariel Grinberg)

Now Fernando Burlando, although in the tweet of the member of the Collective of Actrices Argentinas that accompanied Fardín in his complaint he is not mentioned by his name, He took the glove and attacked, in hard legal terms, against Fonzi, whom he promises to bring to justice to account for his statements there.

Dolores Fonzi exploded with anger Taunting when it was found that the declarations of Carla Lescanosister of Thelma which ignited the controversy, revealing that he does not believe the actor has violated her, they would be incorporated by the lawyer in the case being investigated in Nicaragua.

Stock Image Stock Dolores Fonzi. (Photo: EFE / Juan Herrero)

Stock Image Stock Dolores Fonzi. (Photo: EFE / Juan Herrero)

Once this situation was known, in a kind of chirping catharsis, Fonzi it was dispatched against Taunting, being careful not to write your name or surname of the lawyer. That put the actress on Twitter.

Quick and efficient reflexes to shoot, Fernando Burlando He gave himself up and responded, via Twitter, in these harsh terms:

Now we have to see what it does. Dolores Fonzi prior to the possibility of being brought to court, where Taunting I would start criminal and civil actions against you.

On the other hand, it remains to be seen whether the collective Actrices of which it forms part Fonzi is going to leave or not in his defense against the statements of the lawyer Fernando Burlando. Time will tell.


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