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Fernando Burlando: "I spoke with Juan Darthés and today I believe in him" – 12/26/2018


Although he repeats over and over again that he can not defend Juan Darthés in Nicaragua because you do not have a driver's license, Fernando Burlando continues to contact the actor accused of rape by Thelma Fardín. The lawyer is a type of legal counsel for Darthés in this case, although he has established himself in Brazil for an indefinite period.

In this context, Burlando talked to the actor on Wednesday, heard his version and did not hesitate to say he believes. "Today I believe Darthés, not only for what he told me, but for many things that the professionals who worked with him told me these days, "said the lawyer in an interview with" Pamela in the afternoon "(América TV).

When questioning the panelists, Burlando repeated that Darthés "is innocent, like all citizens, until justice proves otherwise".

In recent weeks, the Burlando study has conducted psychological tests to file before the courts. "These abilities have to do with an initial decision to know who we are against," he continued. Anyway, she clarified that "I am not a lawyer in Nicaragua, I am not registered, I could not act, I can neither technically nor legally defend it."

On how he heard Darthés, Burlando said that "he is more excited". He added: "Getting out of the focus of criticism did well." Although he preferred not to give details of the lecture, he said, "He said he did not abuse Thelma, the details are issues that Justice will have to discuss."

In addition, he described as "successful" his trip to San Pablo. "It was a wise decision for his psyche. I told him the first day he consulted us: "Whether or not we consider the problem, it will become a disease for you," and I advised him on a social and labor issue. "

Burlando also denied the rumors about his separation: "Your wife is very well and surely Maria will travel to Brazil in the next few hours.

Finally, the lawyer referred indirectly to Thelma Fardin's denunciation nine years ago of the alleged abuse. "You have to tell all the girls who go through this problem to report immediately because the time does not work, they are transmitting the wrong information, they report it at 8 or 9. You have to tell them what you need to report instantly. "

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