Fede Bal's friend destroyed Lourdes Sanchez and confirmed? the romance


Carmen Barbieri's son was arrested in frankfurt and to kisses with an actress and instagramer Julieta Bartolomé. However, it seems that some are suspicious that there is a romance at the door, as is the case of Lourdes Sánchez, who said the kisses were "armed."

It all started when Los Angeles announced the news and the speaker said, "But he knows they are recording," in reference to Fede Bal and the media that captured the kiss, it was when Ángel de Brito succeeded. the finger on the wound and asked "do you think he's armed?", to which Sanchez replied: "Totally, of course!"


The launch of instagramer and actress Julieta Bartolomé went through the networks and pointed against Sanchez. "What level of misogyny does this medium have, especially from women to other women? I am more ashamed and hurt by the comments of women everywhere, that is why I go out and say" they seek equality " Why can not we have fun as men and not be marked! "Linda taught," he said in an Instagram story.

And he added on Twitter: "What Juan says about Pedro says more about Juan than about Pedro that walks well. Lourdes, I wish you peace, you deserve it, not all of us need to found Savannah, some of us have talent and charisma that you Everything is not achieved by a man. "


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