Fede Bal's first note with Bianca Iovenitti confirming her novel: "My love, I came here"


The actor and Vedette talked with LAM After enjoying dinner alone and left the restaurant by hand.

    The first note of Fede Bal with Bianca Iovenitti in LAM, confirming his novel

He concluded his media courtship with Laurita Fernández (27), Fede Bal (29) he reduced the level of exposure in relation to his private life. However, in August 2018, the sentimental rumors that linked him to his companion Magnificent Bianca Iovenitti (23), and which both denied in repeated notes, were confirmed this summer.

The actor and director of the magazine Again together and the star of this show shared a romantic dinner in Mar del Plata and did not avoid the presence of the Los Angeles Morning, who intercepted them when they left the restaurant … and they whitened their romance!

"We were eating, living the life, we went out to eat sushi," said Fede, with Bianca at his side.

"He was going to the bathroom because he did not like it, but I said," No, come with me.. She does not like it, neither do I, but at least I'm not walking and lowering my head, "Fede told him. Maite Peñoñori, while Bianca hid behind him.

"My love, I came here because the crossing is very ugly"Bal added, not wanting to hide his romance with Iovenitti. "We were eating, living our lives, we went out to eat sushi," Fede explained, and then the withdrawal of Bianca's hand began.


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