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Fede Bal and the possibility of crossing to Laurita Fernández in the prizes Estrella de Mar

The son of Carmen Barbieri spoke of the possibility of being face to face with his ex in the next great event that will happen in Mar del Plata.

Fede Bal and the possibility of crossing to Laurita Fernández in the prizes Estrella de Mar

Yes. Not that. Amid speculation about the numbers that will be present in the prizes Starfish which is delivered every year in Silver Sea, Federico Bal confirmed his presence. And asked about the possibility of crossing his ex, Laurita Fernández and Barbie Vélez; and for your exsuega, Nazarene Vélez "With whom he has litigation, the actor was clear with his position.

"Yes, I was going to be at the awards ceremony Yes, I was asked yesterday and the idea is to go, how can I not go? I think the magazine is indicated because we have a great choreography, a great wardrobe, great production, good production , and I calculate that the indications will accompany us beyond what happens afterwards with the prizes ", expressed the figure of Just Together on a cell phone to Los Angeles Morning.

Fede Bal: "If I have to cross with Laurita (Fernández) in the Estrella de Mar prize, I want you to understand that we end well, what you think will happen, we are located, life goes on."

"The juries are always very kind and consistent with our work, but the truth is that I have a pending trip and this is true, two Mondays I have scheduled because I have to go to Buenos Aires to double a couple of (voices) It's a movie , but the idea is to get in. If I'm here, I'll go one hundred percent. "

On the other hand, the son of Carmen Barbieri he was very calm about the possibility of crossing with an ex-partner: "It will be a strange night but if I go, I will stay with my cast and I will laugh, stay with them and for sure after having a meal at home I will not go catch the mess, there comes a point where we have to meet everyone at some point, when you want it to be, life goes on for everyone, relationships break up, new relationships are generated and respect for colleagues will always be there. "

Finally, faced with the possibility of being face-to-face with Laurita, Federico closed: "If this happens, I want you to understand that we end well with Laura, what do you think will happen, will it turn him in the head? We're people, life goes on, do you think I'm going to kiss you in the middle of the face? I'm respectful, she's a girlfriend and nothing else happens to us. "

Very clear!

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