"Fate had plans for …" Nicole Neumann more in love than ever!


The model was married to Fabin Cubero and after years of relationship, they decided to separate. It seemed that love would not reach the life of Nicole Neumann, he was connected to the show's figures, had a relationship with Facundo Moyano but did not prosper. Despite the bad experiences, she gave herself a new opportunity in love and met Matas Tasnyour current partner.

After a round trip with Tasn, they started 2019 together more than ever, the lovebirds received the New Year in Punta del Este and toasted for their love. It seems that the relationship is strengthened and the model itself is responsible for making it clear on social networks, as he published a photo in which he devotes tender words of love to his lover.

"We saw each other a year ago and we did not go well, but we see that fate had other plans for us … Today, after 8 months, we said goodbye to 2018 together in this same place and we received 2019 together. love! "The message was posted on Instagram.

Despite not allowing comments from users of the photographic network, the publication generated a great deal of Internet users, who reacted with thousands of "tanned" and the photo showing the lovers seized more than 16,000 "tanned". It must be remembered that the couple chose the paradisiacal tourist spot of Uruguay, the favorite city of the famous ones like Marcelo Tinelli, Susana Gimnez, Pampita, Peak Mnaco and several figures of the world of entertainment decided to spend holidays in the same place.

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