Famous journalist dej Intruders and revel: I was received in Pamela in the afternoon


As always, at the end of each year, each season and the producers of each program begin to evaluate the best strategies for facing the coming year. As they begin to move many pieces that directly affect the work of each journalist and promote proposals from other channels.

The most commented case of this year is the one of Santiago del Moro, that after several years ahead of the Intratables, it took a turn and left to America to disembark in a new cycle of Telef. While they are looking for a replacement for the Intratables driver, channel executives have found another low point: Pablo Lays, chronicler of Intruders, said goodbye to the team through his personal page, where he revealed his feelings after his departure.

On Monday, at noon, they officially left Intruders and got me on the Pamela show in the afternoon. It opens a new phase in my life and I'm happy about it, I started to say Pablo, known for his covers of the theater season of Carlos Paz. A pleasure that since the afternoon program of the channel take me into account to be able to continue working. But I admit it's a sadness to leave Intruders, my house, I added.

Pablo Lay├║s said goodbye to the intruders, after 18 years: it opens a new stage in my life

They will be different, but I will face them with the same professionalism with which I am 18 years in the best program of shows of the country, you confess. So he explained that there was no conflict situation. There was nothing strange about it and it has nothing to do with not having done the summer coverage since Carlos Paz, to clarify.

And continues: These are times of change, to make the most of the resources of the channel and I am a team from America. And the authorities understood that I should play a new role. And I'm ready for that. And it is a great joy to be able to continue working as a journalist. And look forward to Day 6 to start in a different way.

Thanks to all the Intruders, my production colleagues, cameras, editors, reporters, panelists and Jorge Rial, who allowed me to work with a lot of freedom and with whom I learned a lot. Everyone has collaborated so that I can grow day by day, so I tell them to see you later, because always being an intruder and I'm happy to be, it's over Layus.


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