Facundo Arana spoke after apologizing to Thelma Fardín and Calu Rivero: "Do not confuse deconstructing with destruction"


Facundo Arana spoke after almost a year of silence and after posting a public apology to Thelma Fardín and Calu Rivero, the actor broke the silence after his controversial defense to Juan Darthés.

"In the face of things as strong as those that occurred, it seems to me that we need to talk seriously.A year ago he had a subject and was left in an uncomfortable position.We were talking about one thing and now another completely different", began the actor saying.

"I like to think that I am doing what I think.All this is very serious.Just be issued and I am waiting for it.In the middle there are children and relatives.You have to be very serious", he sat on allegations of harassment and abuse.

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"The request for justice has to do with this: I said at the time … no, no, no way … and I should have said let justice speak", he acknowledged after quickly defending Darthés before the statements of Calu Rivero.

"Do not be confused to deconstruct with destroying.I stick with the paradigm shifts and this is not comfortable.I teach my children respect and it has no gender", he finished.


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